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Our range of products include deep bed filter column, aeration unit, aerobic digester, anaerobic digester, filterability index apparatus and ion exchange apparatus.

Deep Bed Filter Column

Deep Bed Filter Column
  • Deep Bed Filter Column
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Piece(s)
We are involved in offering a wide assortment of Deep Bed Filter Column. This is a clear acrylic unit with flanged end pieces to allow easy access. Before the last dispatch, our team strictly inspects these products against diverse parameters of quality. In addition, we offer this product in the market at a very affordable price within the committed period of time.


  • High performance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Compact design

Technical Details of Deep Bed Filter Column:

  • Filter Column : Clear acrylic, 100mm internal dia. x 1350mm long
  • Typical Media Depth : 700mm
  • Gauze Mesh Size : 0.35mm
  • Sump Tanks : 2 - capacity 350 liters each
  • Flow Meter Range : 0.5 - 5.0 liters/min
  • Manometers : 41 tube multi-bank
  • Pump Rating : 0.37kW

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT001
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Aeration Unit

Aeration Unit
  • Aeration Unit
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.3 Lakh / Piece(s)
We have marked a top position in this domain by offering the finest quality Aeration Unit to the customers. The offered units are designed as per the industry standards and available in several design options. High-grade materials are obtained from reputed vendors for manufacturing these units. In addition to this, offered unit comprises an open tank and a paddle stirrer.


  • Application specific design
  • Long life
  • High performance

Technical Details of Aeration Unit:

  • Pump: Diaphragm type
  • Tank capacity: 24.5 liters
  • Flow meter range: 1-12 liters/min

Oxygen/Temperature Meter Ranges:

  • -5 to 199%DO2
  • -5 to 25.0%DO2
  • -5 to 19.99mg/l
  • -10 to 105 Deg C.
  • Oxygen Probe Length: 300mm
  • Paddle: Variable sped controlled by D.C. shunt wound motor
  • Chemicals Required: (Not supplied)
  • Sodium Sulphite
  • Cobaltous Chloride

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT002
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Aerobic Digester

Aerobic Digester
  • Aerobic Digester
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.00 Lakh / Piece(s)
Supported by diligent professionals, we have been able to offer an exquisite collection of Aerobic Digester to our valued clients. This consists of a ten-liter reactor vessel mounted on a vacuum formed the plastic base, air supply and instrumentation for monitoring and controlling the process.  As we offer them in various sizes and dimensions, thus customers can avail them as per their specification.

  • High performance
  • Strong design
  • Portable structure

Technical Specification:

  • A 10 litre bench mounted aerobic reactor, complete with peristaltic feed pump, air compressor and temperature control system.
  • Dissolved oxygen and pH probes and meters are included.
  • The reactor consists of a cylindrical porous liner held in position with sealing rings between the lid and the base to facilitate removal for cleaning and replacement.
  • Suspended solids are thus held within the reactor volume, whilst treated water permeates through the porous liner into an outer annular exit chamber.
  • The water level is maintained by an adjustable constant head overflow device.
  • This digester system is designed to operate safely and reproducibly for periods of many days.
  • The equipment is mounted on a moulded plastic base, equipped with an internally moulded drain channel, designed to cope with spillages and wash-down water.

Technical Details:

  • Feed pump: 24V DC, peristaltic, 0-30rpm corresponding to 0-40 litres/day .
  • Air compressor: 240V /120V, 0-3.0 litres/minute (STP).
  • Reactor vessel: 10 litres maximum capacity.
  • pH meter: Range: 0.00 to 14.00.
  • Dissolved oxygen meter: Range: 0-100% saturation.
  • Resolution: 2%.
  • Reactor heater: Toughened glass, electrical immersion 200W.
  • Temperature controller: 3-term PID.
  • Temperature limit set at 35°C .

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT003
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Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester
  • Anaerobic Digester
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.4 Lakh / Piece(s)
Since the inception of our firm in this domain, we are actively engaged in offering a wide array of Anaerobic Digester. The offered array comprises two 5 liters upward-flow packed bed reactors with feed rate and temperature control facilities to allow steady, continuous operation at up to seven liters per day over periods of many days. Also, we offer these products at competitive prices.


  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bench top Anaerobic digestic for waste water treatment studies
  • Equipped with two 5 litre packed bed, upward flow reactors
  • Each reactor has gas sampling & collection facilities
  • Reactors may be operated in series or parallel flow arrangement, using variable speed peristaltic pumps
  • Feed flow rate to each reactor can be accurately & independantly controlled to any temperature between ambient and 55°C, using 200W heating jackets.
  • Thermostatic cut-out set to 85°C .
  • An instruction manual describing test and practical work capabilities, including details of a proven test substrate formulation is included.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT004
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Filterability Index Apparatus

Filterability Index Apparatus
  • Filterability Index Apparatus
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.35 Lakh / Piece(s)

Specification of  Filter Ability Index Unit

  • Equipment consists of a metal framework supporting a 1.5 liter vessel connected by transparent tubing to a 60mm high filter unit.
  • A 0.5m water manometer measures head loss across the filter.
  • Test filter cell diameter: 38mm. 

Description of  Filter Ability Index Unit

  1. The use of deep beds of porous granular media to filter liquids to improve their clarity is widespread in municipal and industrial practice. Predominant is the filtration of drinking water and industrial water, although the filtration of sewage as a tertiary stage of treatment is increasing. Other liquids are filtered through granular media in the processing of beverages and food products for example.
  2. A simple measure of whether the liquid is filterable is useful to enable assessment of filtration as an appropriate process, if so what type of pre-treatment and filter media are required. Although the normal methods of chemical and physical analysis such as suspended solids content, turbidity, color etc. may, with experience, indicate whether a suspension is filterable, they give no direct measure of this property.
  3. A number of measures of filter ability have been proposed, using woven micromesh, lint pads or membrane filters, which have application where these materials represent, or are identical to, the filter media to be used. However none of them is representative of porous granular filter media, such as sand, consequently they are not applicable to deep bed filtration.
  4. The Filter ability Index Unit utilizes a bed of granular material, normally sand, which can be chosen by the investigator to suit his own purposes. The measurements taken with this apparatus enable a filter ability number to be calculated which has significance in deep bed filter performance.
  5. The Filter ability Index Unit is not intended for filter design purposes. That requires pilot filter column equipment such as the Deep Bed Filter Column. However preliminary assessment of pre-treatment processes, and possible filter media with the Filter ability Index Unit will reduce the amount of testing required with pilot filter columns. 

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT008
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Ion Exchange Apparatus

Ion Exchange Apparatus
  • Ion Exchange Apparatus
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Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / Piece(s)

Specification of Ion Exchange Unit

  • Self-contained apparatus either for single bed water softening or double bed system for demineralisation.
  • Two vertical transparent tubes house the resins.
  • A manifold at inlet/outlet allows flow configuration changes.
  • Equipment includes pump, valves, conductivity meter and sumps for regenerant and test or wash solutions.
  • Typical commercial cation and anion resins are supplied.

Description of Ion Exchange Unit


  1. Two vertical transparent tubes mounted on a backboard contain the cation and anion resins. A manifold arrangement at the inlet and outlet to the tubes allows the flow configuration to be changed to simulate the cycles involved in the operation of a deioniser.
  2. Union couplings permit the tubes to be removed from the manifolds and interchanged for softening/demineralisation experiments.
  3. Regenerant and test or wash solutions contained in separate sumps are selected by a traversing tube and delivered to the apparatus by pump through a control valve and flow meter. Effluent may be fed to a sump tank and treated water collected in bottles for tests on hardness, conductivity or dissolved solids.
  4. A conductivity meter connected to the outlet of the second ion exchange bed gives a continuous indication of the progress of demineralisation. The apparatus is supplied with typical commercial cation and anion resins.

Technical Details of Ion Exchange Unit

  • Pump: Self priming diaphragm type
  • Flow Meter range: 10-80ml/min
  • Sump tank capacity: 20 liters
  • Anion exchange resin: 0.75 liter
  • Cation exchange resin: 1litre

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT010
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Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus

Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus
  • Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.25 Lakh / Piece(s)

Specification of Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus

  • Apparatus to verify Darcy's Law, to examine Kozeny's equation and to observe liquid fluidisation behaviour of a granular bed.
  • Equipment consists of a metal framework, constant head tank and transparent test section for observation. Flow is indicated by a Rotameter.
  • A 0.5m water differential manometer and 0.5m Mercury manometer are included for pressure drop across the bed.


Description of Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus

A bed of granular medium (usually sand, but other materials can be used such as Ballotini or anthracite) is placed in a readily demountable tube through which water can be made to flow in either a downwards or upwards direction.

Flow from a laboratory tap passes through a constant head tank, which also allows air bubbles to be released, and is controlled by hand with a needle valve. The rate of flow is indicated by a variable area meter.

Pressure drop across the bed can be measured either by a 0.5m length water differential manometer or a 0.5m length Mercury manometer (see recommended accessories), depending on the magnitude. Valves are fitted for isolation of various parts of the circuit, together with air release valves.

The test section tube and all tubing connections are transparent so that operation can be observed and the presence of air bubbles easily detected. All metal fittings are corrosion resistant.

No power connections are required and the whole apparatus can be lifted and transported by one person. Test material (Ballotini) for the packed bed is supplied but Mercury for the manometer is not included.


Technical Details of Permeability Fluidisation Studies Apparatus

  • Sample tube I/D: 38mm
  • Sample tube length: 507mm
  • Flow meter range:
  • 50-800ml/min
  • 0.5m water differential manometer
  • 0.5m Mercury manometer

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT007
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Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

Sedimentation Studies Apparatus
  • Sedimentation Studies Apparatus
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.2 Lakh / Piece(s)

Specification of Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

  • Five graduated, 1m long x 51mm bore cylinders mounted vertically on a backboard.
  • Illuminated from behind and removable for cleaning.
  • Includes stopclock, three 2 litre capacity plastic beakers and a specific gravity bottle. 

Description of  Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

Sedimentation is a process used widely in the clarification of water and waste water. Particles settle from suspension in different ways, depending on the concentration of the suspension and the characteristics of the particles.

The simplest type of sedimentation is the settling of a dilute suspension of particles which have little or no tendency to flocculate. In these circumstances, the prediction of clarification rates and their scale-up to plant design is relatively straightforward. For higher concentrations where inter-particle effects become significant and where agglomeration may take place, different regimes of settling rate occur, known as 'zone' settling A. Information from batch tests for such systems forms a vital part of the search for the optimum design and operation of industrial sedimentation tanks. The Sedimentation Studies Apparatus allows demonstration of these different characteristics for any chosen sediment/water system.

Five equal sized glass cylinders are mounted vertically on a backboard incorporating measuring scales. Each of the cylinders may be removed from the board for washing, filling and mixing of the solid particles. Solutions containing different amounts of suspension can be placed in the cylinders and the differences in sedimentation rate observed by measuring the changes in height of the various solid/liquid interfaces with respect to time.

The equipment includes the following accessories necessary for a self-contained facility: stop clock, three plastic beakers of 2 litre capacity, specific gravity bottle.

The whole apparatus is bench-mounted and provided with back lighting. An accurate balance (not supplied) is required for weighing the solids. 


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: DIWT006
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