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Our product range includes a wide range of oxygen bomb calorimeter, ignitability apparatus, flame spread apparatus, smoke release apparatus, heat release & mass loss calorimeter and toxicity apparatus.

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter
  • Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter
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Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / Piece(s)

Instrument characteristics of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:
1. It adopts a high precision sensor. It is much more accurate and reliable;
2. It adopts microprocessor for control and LED for display. It can also save 31 temperatures automatically.
3. It is with integrated structure, so it is compact and easy to be operated;
4. The stirring motor has no noise;
5. It past anti-shake test, so it can be transported for a long distance safely.

Technical parameters of Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter:
1. Mean value of heat capacity: 15 kJ/K;
2. Measurement accuracy for heat value: ≤0.2%;
3. Endured pressure of oxygen bomb: 20 Mpa; Test pressure in oxygen bomb: 3 MPa;
4. Temperature controlling range: 10???~35???;
5. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ???;
6. Temperature saved: 31 pieces;
7. Power supply: AC 220±10???, 50 Hz;
Size and weight: 400×400×600mm/18 kg;
8. Ambient temperature: 20???±5???;
9. Relative humidity: ≤85???;


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  • Item Code: DIFT004
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Ignitability Apparatus

Ignitability Apparatus
  • Ignitability Apparatus
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Ignitability Apparatus

Features of Ignitability Apparatus

1. Digital readout for oxygen concentration ± 0.1%

2. Oxygen cell for assessing accurate oxygen levels (<0.1%)

3. Compact unit for efficient use inside a laboratory hood, with ventilation

4. Automatic flow control gives oxygen level adjustment by turning one single valve

5. Quick loading of test specimen into test chimney measuring 450 × 75mm

6. Digital display of oxygen percentage in atmosphere during test (no calculations needed)

7. Digital display of temperature of gas mixture entering the test chimney

8. Sample holders for both rigid and flexible samples supplied

9. Shortened gas path for rapid response

10. Compact design

Technical Specification

Digital readout for oxygen concentration:

± 0.1%


Width: 350mm

Depth: 370mm

Height: 280mm

Column size:

75 or 100mm diameter x 450mm high


17kg (approx)




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  • Item Code: DIFT001
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Flame Spread Apparatus

Flame Spread Apparatus
  • Flame Spread Apparatus
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1. Stainless steel combustion chamber

2. Gas controls and safety flashback device

3. Ignition source with fine-adjustment valve

4. Specimen holder

5. Timer

Technical specification

Measuring principle:

Horizontal flammability test

Operating temperature:

23 ± 5ºC, non-condensing environment

Bunsen burner tubes diameter:

9.5mm 10mm supplied

Cabinet dimensions (interior):

Width: 381mm

Depth: 203mm

Height: 356mm

Sample holder:

U-shaped frame 50mm wide by 330mm long




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  • Item Code: DIFT002
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Smoke Release Apparatus

Smoke Release Apparatus
  • Smoke Release Apparatus
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Smoke Release Apparatus

Features of Smoke Release Apparatus

1. Combustion chamber

2. Specimen holder

3. Ignition system

4. Photometric system

5. Control unit, including smoke meter

6. PLC – integrated safety and control system, 24V DC powered

7. Independent burner control

8. Thermocouple type K interlock for main and auxiliary burners

9. Fan and exhaust damper control

10. Light-source control 5V DC switch mode power supply

11. Convection cooling

12. Various built-in safety measures including over-voltage and over-current protection

13. Exit Sign software



1. Complete and ready-to-use system

2. User-friendly operations and control software

3. Built-in safety measures



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  • Item Code: DIFT003
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Heat Release & Mass Loss Calorimeter

Heat Release & Mass Loss Calorimeter
  • Heat Release & Mass Loss Calorimeter
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.3 Lakh / Piece

Description of Heat Release And Mass Loss Calorimeter

1. The Heat Release apparatus measures time to ignition, mass loss and heat-release rate (option) of specimens exposed in the horizontal orientation to controlled levels of irradiance with an external igniter.On the front panel, the following are mounted:

2. Temperature controller

3. Load cell controller

4. Tare button

5. Control switches comprising four red on/off push-button switches, which operate by firm pressure and light up when activated

Features of Heat Release And Mass Loss Calorimeter

1. Fire model manufactured from stainless steel for long life

2. Three control thermocouples for the cone heater to maintain accurate heat flux

3. Special split shutter mechanism is designed to prevent heating of the sample before the test is started

4. Spark assembly is used in conjunction with the shutter mechanism. Microswitches are fitted to the spark arm and the shutter mechanism for safe operation

5. Sample weight measurement is by a strain gauge load cell with quick electronic tare facility

6. Control unit contains switches for power, ignition, load cell and cone heater

7. Temperature controller for ramp and control of cone heater

8. Load cell controller with a weight-ranging facility to improve performance to suit weight of sample 0-500g

9. Fire model and controller designed to be assembled in the FTT cone frame for upgrading to a full Cone Calorimeter at a later stage if required


10. Windows-based MLCCalc software makes operations and calibration of the instrument very easy


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  • Item Code: DIFT005
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Toxicity Apparatus

Toxicity Apparatus
  • Toxicity Apparatus
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Approx. Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Piece(s)

Toxicity Apparatus



1. The combustion chamber has welded seams and a volume of 0.7m3

2. The gas burner has a spark ignition system which automatically reignites should the flame extinguish

3. An internally mounted stirring fan for rapid mixing of combustion products

4. 12 sampling ports on the side of the chamber

5. A separate control unit houses the flowmeters, timer, methane and air controls

6. A forced-air extraction system for evacuating the chamber after a test


Technical Specification:


Volume 0.7m3

Fire-retardant polypropylene

Full-size door with polycarbonate window

15 gas measurement ports

Solenoid operated vent seal

Internal stirring fan

Chamber dimensions:

1,100mm wide, 800mm deep and 1,300mm high


Spark igniter with safety sensor, spark automatically reignites burner if flame is extinguished

Temperature range maximum 1,200ºC

Control unit:

Flow meter, valves for air

Flow meter, valves for natural gas/methane

Second/minute timer

Power control switches

Control unit dimensions

530mm wide, 270mm deep and 280mm high



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  • Item Code: DIFT006
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